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Many people are wondering – why the emphasis on mobile web browser development? After all, the user experience of mobile phones isn’t as good as desktop user experience. Well, you are not the first one to think that and you won’t be the last one. But at least we can assist you in clearing this up by introducing you to the best mobile web browser development services.  

We expect that the mobile experience will be the same as that of the desktop experience. But we have to understand that mobile phones have an entirely different operating system and hence their software will obviously have a different interface with rich features too. Rather than thinking of mobile web development as an extension of desktop service, you must think of it separately. Only by embracing the limitations and exploiting the possibilities we will be able to explore the interactive world of mobile web development. But firstly, we have to understand the basic concepts that are connected with mobile web development.

What is Mobile Web Development?

As we all know mobile web browser development is an intriguing and most significant area of software development.  It provides an opportunity to a developer to build a meaningful and actually usable application in a short span of time. The mobile development offers a great entrepreneurial opportunity to programmers. The software developer who lacks the knowledge of web development can turn towards mobile development technology as it is much simpler and singular purpose field. You will be able to get creative with the coding and can transform an old gaming application to an entire high fiction mobile application.

Best Browser for Web Design

As you might already know that, not all the browsers are supported by the mobile devices. It can be really tough to choose just one of them. The Mobile Web browsers have different features and offer great functionalities. All the mobile browsers are made to make the browsing experience a little bit more private and safe. The mobile phone operating systems that are widely used is Android and iOS, hence we will discuss which are the best mobile web browser for development and web design.

1.  Mozilla Firefox

For mobile web browser development, you will need an open source browser which offers awesome customization features. With Mozilla Firefox you will have a tool that will greatly increase the speed and general performance and you will have amazing support. Firefox has various developer options and Google support too.  Running a test on Firefox is also important as the number of users of this browser are growing per day.

2.  Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the default search engine of many users and has a V8 JavaScript engine which makes it an efficient mobile web browser development and designing tool. The browser has an extended memory space that can save history which is months older and also isolates the memory from crashing. The JS framework in the extension is very useful and super easy to be used. Web resources like CSS will make the editing from debugger easy as compared to other browsers and the updating of the website to add up functionalities will also be seamless.

3.  Chromium

Chromium is another free and open source browser for web destining. The browsers don’t have Google API integration but they still have a superset of Google Chrome. If you are running tests of your website via this mobile web browser development tool, then you won’t receive a notification or report of the crashes or malfunctions.  The Sandboxing feature of the browser is helpful as it allows every tab and plug-in to run its own process without affecting the whole browser.

4.  Firefox Developer Edition

As the name already signifies, this is a special mobile web browser development tool for programmers, developer, and designers.  It contains all the features demanded by a developer such as style editor. The browser can be used alongside with the Firefox and will prove effective for the development process.

5.  Vivaldi

Vivaldi is another tool designed for power users. Although the browser doesn’t have an automatic page translation feature, the debugging tools make up for the lacking feature. Vivaldi is a closed source tool which is not available for phone and tablet. The mobile web browser development also has Chrome extension support because it is built over Chromium. You can add websites and web panels for easy access. Moreover, the browser can be completely keyboard-driven with the customizable user interface.

6. Opera

Opera is also a very popular browser that can be used for web designing purposes. It is one of the default search engine for Google with a built-in VPN and ad blocker. This mobile web browser development tool has strong HTML5 feature support but has un-editable default search providers. As a result, it won’t be able to delete or replace the built-in search services like Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, etc. Additionally, the browser has compatibility with the chrome extensions as it is built on WebKit which is the same engine as Chrome.

7.  Safari

Safari is another excellent developer tool. The browser works elegantly in Mac OS X as it has the highest compatibility features than any other browser. The only drawback of this mobile web browser development is that it doesn’t have support for Windows system. the web technology feature is also lacking in some aspects of performance but overall the tool will provide a reliable alternative for the users who prefer to use Mac OS for designing and development.

8. Ghost Browser

The Ghost Browser is also composed with a variety of features but not many essential tools for mobile web browser development. The browser doesn’t have support for Linux OS but does have Windows and Mac support. It offers color coding for session organization, cookie jars, and can assign a different proxy to different tabs for international websites.

All the different tools have different functions that are helpful in web designing and web development both, so choose the tools according to your needs and requirements.


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