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Does your business have web development that is up to date with the latest trends? Transform the way your Columbus, Ohio business interacts with their audience. Let Medium Interactive increase your reach with the latest technologies to offer a positive user experience. Check out all of our Digital Marketing services for Columbus, Ohio.

Did you know that 91% of all adults who use the internet make purchasing decisions based on the content of a company’s website? This is why you need to use web design & development services in order to make your website look both modern and functional.

On top of this, your website must be responsive, or optimized for mobile devices. Over half of those people mentioned above use their mobile devices to search online. If your site is not responsive, then you’re losing out on crucial sales. Mobile web browser development is very important!

We can modernize your website for you. We’ll improve your call to actions and make sure that your website is responsive and adapted for all of the most popular mobile devices. Most importantly, we will provide you with an attractive website that fits your brand.

Here are some of the web design & development services that we provide:

  • Responsive web development
  • Creation of forms to capture potential clients
  • WordPress-based website design
  • And more!


As one of the prominent web development companies in Ohio, Medium Interactive stands out for delivering cutting-edge solutions to enhance online presence. Leveraging their expertise, Medium Interactive creates innovative and user-friendly websites tailored to meet a wide range of business requirements within the dynamic Ohio market. If you’re ready to expand your online presence with a well-designed website, then contact us today.

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What Could Be Included With A New Website From A Digital Marketing Company?

When you hire a digital marketing company to create a new website for your business, there are several key components that could be included in the package. First and foremost, the company will likely design a visually appealing and user-friendly website that aligns with your brand identity. They may also incorporate responsive design, ensuring that your website looks great and functions well on any device. In addition, they could provide search engine optimization (SEO) services, helping your website rank higher in search engine results and attract more organic traffic. Other potential inclusions might be content creation, social media integration, e-commerce functionality, analytics tracking, and ongoing support and maintenance. These are just a few examples of what a digital marketing company could offer when creating a new website for your business.

Content creation is a crucial aspect of creating a new website for your business, and it is often included in the package offered by digital marketing companies. Experienced content creators will develop engaging and informative articles, blog posts, videos, or infographics that resonate with your target audience. By incorporating relevant keywords and providing valuable information, the content will not only attract visitors but also enhance your website’s search engine optimization efforts. Furthermore, social media integration is another valuable service that digital marketing companies may offer. They can seamlessly integrate your website with various social media platforms, enabling you to reach a wider audience and promote your brand effectively. Combined with the other services mentioned, these components will contribute to a successful and impactful website for your business.

How Much Does A Web Development Company Cost In Columbus, Ohio?

A web development company in Columbus, Ohio can vary in cost depending on various factors. On average, the cost can range from $5,000 to $50,000 for a basic website, while more complex projects can go beyond $100,000. The price factors typically include the scope of the project, the number of pages and features required, the level of customization, and the expertise and reputation of the web development company. It is important to note that these are just estimates and actual costs may vary. Therefore, it is recommended to consult with different web development companies in Columbus, Ohio to get personalized quotes based on your specific requirements.

When considering hiring a web development company in Columbus, Ohio, it is crucial to keep in mind that cost is not the sole determining factor. While pricing is important, it is equally essential to consider the quality of work and the company’s track record. Look for testimonials or case studies from previous clients to gain insight into the web development company’s expertise and reputation. Additionally, it is advisable to evaluate the company’s portfolio to ensure they have experience in building websites similar to what you envision. By thoroughly researching and comparing different web development companies, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your budget and goals. Remember, the cost of a website should be viewed as an investment in your business’s online presence and success.

Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Web Development Company In Columbus, Ohio?

Before hiring a web development company in Columbus, Ohio, it’s crucial to ask the right questions to ensure you make an informed decision. Firstly, inquire about their experience in creating websites similar to your needs, as their portfolio can provide insight into their capabilities. Secondly, discuss their approach to responsive design, as the majority of internet users access websites through mobile devices. Next, explore their understanding of user experience and whether they prioritize creating intuitive and user-friendly interfaces. Additionally, ask about their process for ensuring website security, as safeguarding your data and customer information is paramount. Lastly, don’t forget to discuss their pricing structure and timeline for completing the project. By asking these questions, you can assess the expertise and compatibility of a web development company in Columbus, Ohio, and make an informed choice.

Once you have asked the essential questions to a web development company in Columbus, Ohio, it is time to evaluate their responses and make a decision. As you review their portfolio, pay close attention to the websites they have created that are similar to your needs. This will give you a better understanding of their capabilities and if they align with your vision. Moreover, inquire about their approach to responsive design, ensuring that they prioritize creating websites that are accessible and user-friendly across various devices. Furthermore, discussing their understanding of user experience will allow you to gauge their ability to create intuitive interfaces that enhance user interaction. Additionally, delve into their process for ensuring website security, as protecting your data and customer information is crucial. By considering these factors alongside their pricing structure and project timeline, you can confidently determine the expertise and compatibility of the web development company and make a well-informed choice for your Columbus-based business.

How Fast Can A Web Development Company In Columbus, Ohio Develop A New Website?

A web development company in Columbus, Ohio can develop a new website at a fast pace, thanks to their expertise and experience in the field. Depending on the complexity and requirements of the project, the timeline for website development can vary. However, with a skilled team of developers and designers, the company can efficiently plan, design, and develop a high-quality website within a reasonable time frame. Their understanding of the latest web development technologies and frameworks allows them to streamline the development process and deliver a fully functional website within the client’s desired timeframe.

In addition to their technical proficiency, the web development company in Columbus, Ohio also places great emphasis on effective communication with their clients throughout the website development process. By actively involving the client in the planning and design stages, they ensure that the final product aligns with the client’s vision and meets their specific needs. This collaborative approach not only enhances client satisfaction but also helps in identifying any potential issues or changes early on, allowing for timely adjustments. Moreover, the company’s commitment to providing exceptional customer service extends beyond the initial website development, as they offer ongoing support and maintenance to ensure the website’s optimal performance in the long run.

Should I Ask My Web Development Company In Columbus, Ohio To Develop A New Website Or Make Changes TO The Existing Website?

If you’re unsure whether to ask your web development company in Columbus, Ohio to develop a new website or make changes to the existing website, there are a few factors to consider. First, evaluate the current website’s functionality and design. If it is outdated, lacks essential features, or has a poor user experience, it may be more beneficial to invest in a new website. However, if the existing website has a strong foundation and only requires minor updates or changes, it may be more cost-effective to work with the web development company to make those adjustments. Additionally, consider your budget and timeline. Developing a new website will likely require more time and financial resources, while making changes to an existing website could be completed quicker and at a lower cost. Ultimately, the decision should be based on a thorough evaluation of your current website’s performance and your specific needs and goals.

Once you have made a decision about whether to develop a new website or make changes to the existing one, it is important to communicate your requirements clearly to the web development company in Columbus, Ohio. Provide them with a detailed outline of the functionality, design, and features you want in your website. If you opt for a new website, discuss your vision, branding, and target audience to ensure that the developers understand your goals. On the other hand, if you choose to make changes to the existing website, specify the updates and enhancements you require. Open and consistent communication with the web development company will help them deliver a product that meets your expectations and aligns with your business objectives. Regular check-ins and progress updates throughout the development process can also ensure that any necessary adjustments are made promptly, resulting in a successful website that fulfills your needs.