How to Create a Missing Key Events Report in Google Analytics 4

As Google Analytics continues to evolve “Conversions” have been replaced by “Key Events”. Unfortunately, we are seeing that many users are randomly unable to see Key Events within Google Analytics 4.

Are you one of the people having trouble tracking important events on your website using Google Analytics 4? Creating a Missing Key Events Report can help you identify and address the events that are not being tracked effectively.

Follow these steps to set up the KEY EVENTS REPORT in GA4:

1 – Access Google Analytics 4

Log in to your Google Analytics account and navigate to the property you want to create the report.

2- Navigate to the “Home Screen Report”

This step will make sure the URL has the right details. It is essential that you begin here because you will need to edit the URL. To get to the “Home Screen Report” in Google Analytics 4, simply click the “Home Icon” on the top left side of your screen.
Google Analytics home screen report
If you are on the “Home Screen Report” the URL will look something like this:

3 – Edit the URL

From here you will edit the URL to preload a “hidden” report in GA4. Essentially, you are replacing everything after “/reports/” with the following:


Google Analytics hidden report url


4 – Navigate to the Reports Editor Section

The report you see will be temporary. Let’s save it to be a report you (and your team) can access easily. To get started saving this report, click the “pencil icon” on the top right of the screen. This will take you to a screen where you can make edits, but essentially, you just need to save it (see the next step).

Google Analytics pencil icon for report editing

5 – Save the new “KEY EVENTS REPORT”

After you click on the “Customize Report” on the right-hand buttons you will see a large blue button named “SAVE”. This will ask if you want to create a new report. Select “YES” and name it as “Key Events” or “Conversions” or similar then after saving, click “BACK”.

Google Analytics saved key events report

6 – Edit The “Collections” To Show The Key Events Report

From the “REPORTS SECTION”, click on the “Library” at the bottom of the screen. Then click the “edit collection” on the set of reports you would like to add the “Key Events Report” to (You can also “Edit” the collection by clicking on the action menu). I prefer to add this near the “Events Report” so the “Business Objectives Collection” is a good choice.

Google Analytics editing collections to show key events reports


7 – Find the “Key Events Report”

On the right side of the screen type “Key Events” or whatever you named your report in the earlier step.
Google Analytics search for key event reports

After dragging the “Key Events” Report to the collection, click Save.

Google Analytics saving key event reports to collection

8 – Navigate to the “Key Events” Report

In the left-hand menu, you can now click and navigate to the “Key Events” Report. If you followed the steps above (to add this to the “collection” that contains “Events”, then you will navigate to Reports, then to “Engagement”, then to “Key Events”

Google Analytics navigating to key event reports in collections


Did it Work? Were you able to create the missing “Key Events Report?”

By following these steps, you can create a Missing Key Events Report in Google Analytics 4 and ensure that you are capturing all the relevant user interactions on your website. This report will help you optimize your tracking setup and make data-driven decisions to improve user experience and achieve your business goals. If the steps above are unclear, try watching this video to learn how to create the Hiddent Key Events Report in GA4:

Need Help Creating A “KEY EVENTS REPORT” in GA4?

If you had trouble with creating a Key Events report in Google Analytics 4, please feel free to reach out and ask a question: Contact Us>

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