The Basics of Search Engine Optimization Analysis

It must have been a few years that you checked the mammoth directory of the whole town and started dribbling with the names and numbers given on it to find some specific service provider or business? You don’t remember, right! The era of digitization has brought everybody closer to each other, the businesses are getting closer to their customers, and service providers are closing the gap with their clients and what not. In this scenario where does your business stands, how close it is to the customers or to the potential leads, this has become the most important question in search engine optimization analysis. You must be wondering that why in such a short span of time, SEO has become the most potent tool in the hands of digital marketing strategists and how has it upended the digital marketing campaigning.

The answers to these questions are obtained with the help of certain aspects that need to be understood first:

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a vast field which encompasses all the areas which relate to the web world, from developing to content and publishing everything is a part of SEO. It is nothing but a process by which the digital marketers and strategists recognize the importance of keywords, content, website design, it’s ranking on the web and other similar procedures to provide an overall status report about the growth prospects of the business. In this scenario, search engine optimization analysis has gained much importance to decide the fate of any organization, service or business entity.

Search Engine

Everybody knows what Google is and what it does, but very few people know how the whole process of a search goes about. After entering a phrase on the search bar, thousands of links pop up all according to the relevancy of the searched matter. After hitting enter Google searches every single page indexed in their storage and presents the most appropriate link that matches your searched keyword. The search engine optimization analysis is important here because it is through this monitoring and analysis that a website is ranked.

What is Google SEO Checker?

With regards to the search engine optimization analysis, a Google SEO checker refers to the gathering information about your website and keywords. This Search engine optimization is the most potent tool today because it helps the users identify the performance of their website and improve upon it after comprehending all the results. Consider this, you have a bread and bakery business in Birmingham, and recently you hired some developers to build a website that will showcase the portfolio and all the products that you can provide among other things.

But the problem is that when someone searches for the “best bakery in Birmingham” your business is listed on the 5th page, this placement away from the 1st page will not do you any good. As people searching for a good bakery will not go to the 2nd page and will filter out their choice from the first page only. The core function of search engine optimization analysis is to suggest measures to those changes on the website that will help it land on the first page.

SEO Score Checker

There are a plethora of tools on the web that will help you generate an SEO score for your website, search engine optimization analysis tools filter your website through various norms and criteria that will help them generate a concrete result about the performance of the website. Some of these tools are:


This tool gives a full report about the website after testing it through various parameters, there are two versions of this tool, and the premium version gives you an opportunity to generate an unlimited number of reports. On the other hand, the free version gives only a limited number of reports to the user.

SEO Site Checkup

This tool checks your website on 45 various parameters and that are spanned into 6 categories; all these categories monitor the website with and generate the final report which helps you understand the missing parts so that the developer can connect the dots to give a perfect website.

Site Auditor

Another potent tool for search engine optimization analysis is Site Auditor; this tool checks the website on the following parameters visibility, Meta, content, links, images, semantics, and page speed, and crawl compression. After analyzing it on all these parameters the report will also have some suggestions and measures to improve the ranking.

Site Analyzer

This tool goes a step further in search engine optimization analysis as it filters the website through more than 70 data points and all these are categorized into 5 distinct groups. After successful monitoring, it presents a report which has a global ranking and also percentage value of each of these categories along with the individual rankings. The 5 categories are Accessibility, Design, Texts, Multimedia, and Networking.

SEO Analysis

After knowing about certain tools and the basics of the search engine optimization analysis we can deduce that SEO in the current era important and necessary for every single website who wants to grow their business and popularity. SEO analysis thereby becomes all the more important because without the chances to reflect on the front pages is next to impossible.

Within an SEO analysis, there are measures and the future course of action that are useful for the developer to implement changes that are behaving as bottlenecks in the success of a website to gain higher ranks.

This search engine optimization analysis is important because of the following reasons:

It expands the reach of the business as if the rank is higher and the placement is on the first page the number of users and visitors will also be higher on the website.

Lastly and most importantly, SEO analysis is not just shooting arrows in the dark and hoping that it finds the bullseye, rather it a strategic mission that allows you to genuinely grow the business and appreciate in the market flawlessly.



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