The Best Free Search Engine Optimization Tools

Knowing everything you need to know about the best free search engine optimization tools is not enough. You also need to have a deeps knowledge about the necessary tools that could deliver results for all your SEO related tasks. What is of great interest is that there are many SEO tools online for which you do not have to pay a dime. Though free things most of the time are comprised of many chaff. This blog post will be showing the top 7 free SEO tools you can always bank on anytime. Below is a list of the best free search engine optimization tools you should use for your all your SEO connected projects.

SEO Tools List

Google PageSpeed Insights – a useful tool for free SEO analysis

Ever heard that when it comes on optimizing your website for a search engine, speed matters? The Google PageSpeed Insights is the best free search engine optimization tool that gives you an in-depth analysis of how fast your website is. In using this free tool to analyse your website, it will also be indirectly testing the usability of your site. With this tool, you would get to know speedy your website is on both mobile and desktop platforms. – a free keyword tool

Keywordtool is some of the best tool out there that could help you with your keywords. You can play around with the tool to see how it works. Whenever you input a keyword into the search bar of the tool, it gives you possible and relevant opportunity based keywords and the questions people are asking using those specific keywords. is a useful SEO tool you should employ in optimizing your website for google search ranking.

Google Analytics – necessity among other SEO tools

Google Analytics is a very significant tool in tracking keyword to use for your SEO contents on your website. Aside from giving you related keywords, Google Analytics could also show the keywords that are providing your website with its organic traffic. With that kind of insight, you could model more contents on the keywords bringing in the most traffic and maximize them more for traffic.

Moz Link Explorer – showing the good out of the list

Just as its name goes, the Moz Link Explorer is an SEO tool that deals with the link on your website. Moz Link Explorer shows you a list of all the links that are giving you the most traffic. This way, you would know the links that are directing the most organic visits to your website and all the other websites that are linked to your website.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is an in-depth keyword calculator. With this tool, you are not only given access to important keywords, but you would also see all the necessary stats on those keywords. With the stats, you will find frequently the keywords are used monthly, those who are competing for the keywords and other suggestions that would help you maximize the keywords even more. With Google Keyword Planner, you are in the know of what people are looking for online.


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