Gaining Business with Simple Search Engine Optimization

Have you ever wondered that why the webpage or article that lies on the first spot when you search for something is there? Why not your next door business’s profile showcases on the top spot? Well, it is because the business on the top spot has utilized the simple search engine optimization techniques to ensure that his business listing pops up on the first page of all the popular search engines. This popping up is guaranteed by the techniques and methods implied an SEO and digital marketing company.

What is SEO Marketing?

Search engine optimization is the technique with which a person allows his/her website or article or webpage or any other aspect related to the web performs so well that it is synonyms with all the search engines metrics and hence comes out on the top spot. This approach is necessary for the digital era because today everything runs through the web, and if a service or company does not have a web address, then it does as good as not having the business at all.

This stark testimony because people search for everything today on the web if they need a new cat Google it if the fan is not working again Google it if they need a professional painter that right Google it. In this situation, no matter what you do or which service are you providing to increase the chances that people should recognize you need to have a website and this website has to be augmented with simple search engine organization to ensure prosperity and recognition in the market.

You can realize the importance of SEO after recognizing the fact that almost 93% of the search engine results shut down after going through all the links on the first page. In other words, 93% of the people who search for something in Google or on Yahoo do not click on page 2, either they have found their searched query on the first page or they have changed their search criteria. 

Search Engine Optimization Process

The simple search engine optimization is a nuanced process and involves the intricate development of certain services and tasks that relate to the whole digital marketing strategy. Before going through the process it is important to know that SEO is a continuous process, there is no brevity in its execution all the more with some time one can architect a fool-proof SEO strategy that has the potential to overcome all the obstacles.


First and foremost the simple search engine optimization strategy needs a keyword. The keyword is something that relates to the query input by the user on their browser, here if your services about carpet cleaning, then the user will search for “best carpet cleaning service.” Now if the content on your website, blogs, article web pages does not relate to this keyword your business will not show in the search results.  Hence keyword is framed in such a manner that it corresponds to your business portfolio and is easily searchable.

Goal Setting

The next step in simple search engine optimization is recognizing your current spot with regards to the web results. If your services page lies on the 25th page of any search engine, then the strategist can monitor its performance and understand the reasons for its placement on that page. They also recognize that how much traffic goes through your website every day following this they can devise the strategy.


This is rather important, without good and authentic content your website is like a hollow bamboo stick. The simple search engine optimization strategy which is bereft of the good content building will not do you any good. Hence your web address needs to be updated with good content regularly.


It is here that the word optimization gains relevance. Optimization means that every page has some distinct criteria and norms that allow the search engines to recognize it with the help of the posted content and its quality, the website architecture, the arrangement of tabs, and how prominent are the target keywords.

Building connections

If you are lowering your fishing hook in an empty pond, then it is your senile understanding, and there is nothing wrong with the hook. Social media and other inbound links are the buzzwords in simple search engine optimization. The gamut of benefits that come from social media marketing has the ability to enhance your site’s ranking and steer traffic towards it.


Well, what advantage will you have if by giving an exam if it does not show any results? Following up with the strategy is of utmost importance in the SEO strategy. It resembles an introspection of your strategy and lets you gain insights into the steps you took and how to improve upon them.

Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Better engagement; when you are engaging with the search engines and the internet users in a better way the simple search engine optimization strategy gain its true meaning.

Longer Pages

With more content to analyze the chances are also higher to find some relevancy with regards to the whole website.

Site Speed

The thumb rule of simple search engine optimization is that if a website which takes time to load discourages the users to continue their association with it, hence to ensure better connectivity, the website should be able to load faster.

Easy Reading

The more complexity in the content lower are the chances that people will read it. Users searching for a carpet cleaner do not want to know about the technical jargon about cleaning machines and all. Hence a simple search engine optimization strategy pays attention to all the details and the presentation of the content.  


Gamification and visual learning are the most potent weapons to engage a number of visitors, and hence it is necessary to use high quality and content associated images on the website.



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