An Informative Guide to the Web Developer Roadmap

The 21st century is driven by technology, from a pin in our house to the mammoth spaceships, everything uses technology in their making, understanding or in their operating. In this scenario, the importance for a developed increase to a great extent, so much so that people today are trying hard to become a stellar developer and increase their chances of being a successful person. There are many routes a developer often called the web developer roadmap. These roadmaps explain the process to become a developer and how to be good at it. You need to follow the steps and go with the flow when learning the development process.

The web developers work in various languages using a number of web services and employing a gamut of metrics and variables to become efficient at their work. Java is one such language platform which has become the most important aspect of any web developer roadmap.
Being a language the developers use Java to build software and application which can be run on any medium. Oracle has provided Java development kits that help the developers learn the basics of Java development and also teach them how to use the platform for developing the software and applications.

Follow the Java Developer Roadmap

  • Learning Java can be an interesting task provided that you have the knowledge of some basic concepts and tools that will help you understand and learn the language better. The web developer roadmap of Java consists of these basic learning and tasks:
  • Knowledge of Git
  • Secure Shell (SSH): to use the system on an unsecured network the java developer need to know about SSH which is network security protocol and is cryptographic in nature.
  • The HTTP or HTTPS: another security protocol which allows safe communication over the computer network and is the most used protocol on the internet today. The security to HTTP is provided by transfer layer security or the secure sockets layer.
  • Terminal usage
  • Another important milestone in the web developer roadmap learning the data algorithms and their structures.
  • The character encoding is the last basic requirement in the journey and without this, you cannot create readable text while development.

After this there are three major fields in which every Java developer can choose to progress, these are the front end, back end, and the DevOps route. The initial steps on the web developer roadmap of a Java enthusiast are learning the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, all these are pre-requisites for going ahead as a front-end developer.

The back end developer is another role played by a java developer, and in this, there are learning programs like ruby on rails, RSpec, ruby gems, Pip, Django, PHP, Python and Node.js. Other tasks in the web developer roadmap of a back-end java developer are learning about the web server, authentication, Docker, and much more.

What About An Unspecified Developer Roadmap?

Being a developer is easier said than done, but once you get the gist of it then the sky is the limit. The world of the developer is full of possibilities by which he/she can develop anything that an individual likes provided they have the knowledge base and the required skills for it. The web developer roadmap is, in fact, a long one, and there is a lot to learn on the way. Let’s discuss some of the milestones of this journey:

  • Language: start small and first learn the basics of whichever language you choose, don’t go for 2 languages at a time it will make things confusing. Choose one and first learn all you can about it.
  • Start small: every web developer hopes to become the Mozart of the developing world one day, but it will only be possible if you start making small projects first and do not jump on to writing thousands of lines of codes on the first try.
  • The framework: the next milestone on this web developer roadmap is learning a framework to ensure that you have the expertise in operating with one language and have implemented it on a specific framework.
  • Database: learning database technology like SQL or MongoDB is the next step. But it is always preferred that developers learn SQL based databases and keep the NoSQL databases for later.
  • Structural practices: the web developer roadmap consists of learning some structural practices like clean code, code complete and programming pearls etc.
  • Another language: the web world is dynamic and multi-talented people are always preferred, on your web developer roadmap add another certification by learning the second language and start by following the same process as the first time.
  • Go big: now that you have learned two important languages, this is the time to use all that knowledge and expertise. Make something meaningful, something substantial, this point of your roadmap should define what kind of developer you are and want to be.

What About the Full Stack Developer Roadmap?

A full stack developer is similar to the web developer; a full stack developer should know about multiple languages and should be able to command them well. For a full stack developer, the world is full of myriad possibilities if the person chooses to be a back-end developer. In order to become a full stack developer, the process is somewhat similar to become a web developer just that everything needs to be done with utmost proficiency and care.

First things first: choose your language, the web developer roadmap initiates from this step no matter what kind of developer you want to be. Ensure that you learn the language inside out and know everything detail about its working. You can choose from Python, Java, Ruby, JavaScript, C++, PHP etc. The second step is learning a database which is coordinated with your language. You can choose from SQL, MySQL or PostgreSQL. Your web developer roadmap will take you next to learning a version control system. The most effective and popular one is Github. The last step is learning the web application frameworks, the frameworks are important for every developer as this helps them maintain the developed software for future upgrades.


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